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Dating back to the 1980’s I have had the privilege of traveling the globe for both work and pleasure.  Many of those years were undocumented with neither journals nor images.  As early as 1990, I had started my travels to China, back in the day when it was still primarily a communist country.  I had travelled almost 40 times for business and had witnessed the miracle of no less than a dramatic change after visiting that country a few times 20 years afterwords.  What a shame to not have those experiences documented — it was the wild west back then in China.  

In 2011 I began my departure from the daily work objectives and decided to journal some of my adventures, many along with my wife to some great places and sometimes without.  Happily, often our travels are to remote and unconventional places where most people would find not practical — many times without Internet or normal creature comfort. 

Those remote travels are my favorite because they are so unique and peak anyones imagination.  5-star hotels are awesome — but equal to are the 1-stars if you have the right mindset.  To that end, I have build this electronic journaled history of these Epic travels — known as MAIHEM Epic Adventures.  CLICK HERE to see my entire story.