Welcome to Cinque Terre in July

IMG_4108If I were chosen to be the Italian Minister of Tourism, I would surely show this poster of my wet back all over the world to sell Cinque Terre.  Sells the location and uses a fabulous male model who is likely not asking for a fee.  It’s a lovely campaign.  Look at the water in the background, just beautiful.  Look at the hunk of a model — Front and Back.  Nice pictures.

Again, today was probably over a Billion degrees and 99% humidity.  Fun — Not.

Today, Paula and I decided to walk the Cinque Terre trail between Monterosso and Corniglia with Vernazza in the middle.  It’s a moderate trail with varied terrain, but with the heat beaming, it’s a bit insane to walk.  Our entire trek time started at 9am and over by 1pm.  Upon our return, the sun was as hot as any day in Las Vegas except unstoppable humidity — Stupid.

And as typical form, Paula carried the lead acting Marine Sargent during Boot Camp.  I am a mere Private.  She never stops uphill, downhill, or horizontal.  I often request a water break and sneak an extra 20 seconds before moving forward.  TheIMG_4104 Sargent never needs water.  It’s ok, I’m also a team player — dead now.  Ooh Rah!   Saying all that, the walk was very picturesque while traversing the water along side decent sized hills — not quite mountains in the sense of Switzerland, but enough to get some exercise.  That said, half the time, it was not worth looking at the scenery so I could focus on bathing in heat misery and a wet shirt that weighed an extra 10 pounds.  Of course Sarge did not give a shit — keep moving!

A Penny Saved…  Sometimes things just don’t work out.  I bought 5 or 6 t-shirts in Barcelona at a C&A store.  I was so happy because I paid only $5 per t-shirt (tax included) –Ecstatic!  I love a deal.  So I learned one thing about these shirts today.  Don’t wear the cheap polyester shirt while hiking!!!  They absorb sweat and never dry.  On a bright side, used on the streets just touring, I’m in heaven with my great purchase.  One thumb up for C&A T-shirts.

So would I recommend you to visit Cinque Terre?

DSC01292Nope, not worth the effort to get there.  Its a region of 5 towns that has been kept old, but is nothing more than a reason to pick on tourist wallets.  Beautiful from afar, absolutely.  Closer look is just ok.  I think it’s a good one day visit if your in the neighborhood and then move on before you see the details.   I suggest its better money spent going to Mexico if you like stunning scenery and other big advantages:  Mexico has much, much nicer hotels, greener and more beautiful water, scenic environment and arguably better food in Mexico given the vast amount of available restaurants.

I know what you’re going to say…  Phil, you don’t get it!  Its all about the beauty, culture, slow way of living, history, innocent people…  I say to that, yes, its undebatable that Cinque Terre has beautiful surroundings, but go visit very rural Peru, Vietnam, Japan, China, Galapagos, Amazon and a ton of places if you want that too.  Go to Lausanne around the corner for a dramatic scene of undeniable beauty with the Alps at the edge of Lake Geneva – mind blowing.  Those places are not taken over by masses of dirty tourists, derelict locals and shop owners who hawk garbage trinkets and trash as well as plastic shit food.   If you want to throw in the places similar — with a highway of happy holiday people and party goers, I can offer a ton of towns equally nice.  Cinque Terre is beautiful, just tacky and should have been visited 50 years ago.

I stand by my words; Mexico is nicer and around the corner if you want what Cinque Terre offers.

Next trip will be by train to Milan — decompress and fly back.

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