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DSC01271Not sure if you’ve ever seen sweat from someones back drop down to the seat of a chair.  Well, it happened to me.  I have not seen that before either.  It was so hot in Florence, Italy — like over 100 degrees and probably 90 percent humidity.
Worse, I was on a city tour bus without air-conditioning, nor fresh air, on the main floor.  Deadly and I was miserable.  Ok, now you know, its possible to create water on a chair. I was so impressed with my feat, I had to capture it on film.


I have really been spending time thinking about my time in Florence.  I am now in beautiful Cinque Terre, Italy after traveling 2 hours by train.  I had been in Florence for past 2 days.  I just couldn’t get myself to write anything.  Why?  Because I DSC01266really think Florence is over rated.  I’ve been there twice before and don’t remember my thoughts then specifically, but I can say that today I think it’s a bloated tourist trap stuck in the middle-ages,  just to get peoples wallets to open up.  If you live in Florence, it seems like a pretty impoverished place with nominal infrastructure.  Just like the 1960’s, people live with analog antennas to watch TV.  Check out the Florence train station sign to the left with 4 or 5 trains late out of a possible 10.  Switzerland, zero late.  Its just the way it is…

As I have said before, you could pay me $100 and I would not visit another self proclaimed master of art in a museum.   I boycott all museums, art galleries, or any building that I have to pretend that I care.  It’s true, I’m not smart enough to care.  David, bullshit and a big nothing.  Just a self serving statue marketed as great — it’s not.  They got my money the first time — thats enough.  One exception to visiting a great artist that I did visit was the Picasso Museum in Barcelona — loved that.  Picasso was a serious great guy — lived life with vigor and had lots of fun along the way – Thats my way of judging greatness.  Artists were a dime-a-dozen.  Sorry, that includes da Vince.  Nothing special for its period.  Just so you don’t think that I’m totally void of Italian culture, we did visit the Gucci museum in Florence.  Built just 2 years ago, I thought that was interesting.  Guccio Gucci (love the name) was quite the marketing master.  A great story.

DSC01283I was also disappointed by the restaurants.  Tourist traps by-in-large, Pizza in Boca Raton’s Anthony’s is better than the 5 or 6 places I have eaten pizza here.  I generally love Pizza.  If Italy once was the great home of Pizza, then that was then…  Lots of shopping?  Sure with products which are probably really made in China like the fake purses sold by street venders.  I’m sorry if I have insulted anyone, but I just don’t get it?  After traveling tons in the past few years, its just my thought.

Now its true that I think Italy is a mix between China, Mexico and maybe a toss of Vietnam and even a Caribbean Island.  I never really bought the rose-colored glasses that most have about Italy.  I see a country that is basically poor — just take a train ride through the countryside if you don’t believe me.  Then take the same trip through Switzerland, which I just did.  No comparison.  Switzerland is clean, well groomed and happy.  To that end, I see lots of Mexico and Vietnam similarities in Italy.   As for history, I see China as a comparison.  Both are old, but China has grown in the 21st century — Italy seems to be stuck into keeping its old age for some reason — possibly its Italian socialism vs hyper capitalism in China.  Thats ok, it is what it is.  I guess you have to visit Venice, Florence, Rome to say you did it — and tell your friends.

Ok, sure, I have just been to great places on this trip like Spain and Switzerland which I absolutely fell head over heals.  Both I love.  Add to that, I’m in love with Paris and Southern France.  London is a mix of fun, modern, historic, moving and DSC01277IMG_4079effervescent.  Not sure why I like those countries?  They just hits a chord for me.  Possibly the heat has got to me and thus my scathing scope of Italy.

I have to add that the people of Italy are great — very, very nice.  Simple, lazy, content, family oriented, friendly and always available for a hand.  That’s just not the point.

Were here to talk about places to visit through my eyes.  If you don’t like it, then I can’t help you.  Net, net, I can skip Italy next time.  Been there, done that one too many times.

So now you can see why I did not want to write a piece on Italy

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