Toucan’s in Iguacu?

Bird Chasing Tucan in IguazuYou’re totally missing the point if you find that the toucan in the tree is the most important sight of the day.  Yes, its cool to see a toucan in a tree.  Even cooler to see another bird chase this toucan.  Look close, or click on the picture to the left to see the black bird chasing the toucan in flight.


Wake up!!!  Iguaca, Iguasu, Iguazu, or however you spell it, is just a great way to exercise you brain because you have never seen anything like this place before in your life and you won’t remember it after.  At least, you won’t remember the size and scale of it.  I just can’t get enough of it.  Every turn is another series of water falls.  Think of it this way, imagine looking at one Iguazu Fallsperspective and location and you see a huge waterfall the size of Niagara Falls.  Then you walk another 1,000 feet and you see another perspective with a new set of falls which is another waterfall the size of Niagara.  Then you walk another half mile and see another series of individual falls which are huge.

And I’m not just blowing smoke.  It’s the real-deal.

Paula and I were told that 15 years ago, virtually no visitors came to this incredible natural wonder.  Maybe 1,000 people visit per day at a high.  Today, its still not huge, 5,000 visitors per day.  Why?  Because its pretty remote to get here.  Its just over 2 hours from Rio and bordering on Argentina and Uruguay (wherever that is).

Now why would you ever come to visit?  I won’t pontificate, but because it’s here.  Also, because you’re in South America traveling to either Argentina, Chile or Brazil.  Else, it’s way too far from anywhere.

Last, it certainly is a rain forest so guess what?  Its raining and we got drenched.  Thats fine, we walked for 4 hours and did the Argentine half of the park.  We did go out again when it dried out and the sun came shining — all I can say, its euphoric.

This was a once in a lifetime place to see.

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