Snow Fields

This image was a few days back from our flight from Bariloche, Argentina to El Calafate.  I like it because it just feels right.  From the sky is what basically I see from the ground.  Maybe not the best quality since we were 30,000 feet up there, but you can get an idea of the scale.  Hundreds of miles of snow fields over mountains and lower lands.

Andes Mountains everywhere, low lands with cactus shrubs, some bare, some with weedy grass depending on the side you are on that mountain.  Glacial lakes and rivers abound.

That’s about it.

We’re in Torres de Paine, Chile now, butted right agains the national park.  Beautiful.  Crossed the boarder yesterday.

Oh, lost a complete toe nail from my big toe.  Screwed it up in Europe hiking.  Been messy and dirty since.  Now time for a new nail.  Happy days.

Full day of Hiking today.

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