penguin posingHere are just a few Pictures of Penguins from the trip…  An interesting bit of information which you may not be aware is that the Antarctica is basically void of wildlife.  It’s not like the Arctic at all.  Its just really snow, ice and water.  In terms of wildlife, it consists of penguins, seals, walrus and birds and that’s it.  No other animal can survive in the harsh environment.

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I like the picture on the left because it shows the stance of a Gentoo Penguin standing, while the  buddy is lying down.

The picture on the right is also pretty interesting.  Why?  Well, penguins are always Penguin with rock in mouthdoing something, even if its nothing.  This Chinstrap penguin on right is carrying a rock in its beak.  Penguins pick up rocks and drop them off at another location.  Sometimes they move the same rock back and forth.  Real funny to watch.

3 empire walkers one slidePenguins can walk and look like they are dressed in a tuxedo, while sometimes they swim or slide on the snow.  Its equal in terms of time when they move standing or sliding.  Its fun watching these Emperor penguins stand up and then drop down to slide.

Notice the picture on the right below, the first two penguins are walking while the penguins walk and slideothers are sliding and using their arms to propel themselves.

Depending on the type of penguins, they live in either very large colonies on rocks, or possibly, on a sheet of snow which Penguin Communitycan be hundreds of square miles.  You can see a large colony on the left.

Penguins are also great swimmers.  They play on snow and ice, but they feed in the water.  Sometimes they seem so awkward on how they get from their colony up in a cliff to the water.  Travel is a combination of sliding on their belly’s and waddling until they reach water.  Once they swim, they are incredibly graceful.  Penguin swimming - blue backgroundThey porpoise for long periods in and out of the water.  I took quite a few pictures of penguins swimming.  Check out image on the right.  Caught this penguin in mid-air.

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