We left Rio at 10am and flew TAM Airways just over 2 hours south-west to some place which I had no clue about.  A few people have told me how incredible it is, but I have to be honest, it meant nothing to me.  I had not done any research prior to today.   More fun that way for me.  Don’t learn too much until you get there.

falls 3Within a 10 minute drive from the Iguacu airport, still in Brazil, you reach a huge park setting.  Very clean a large welcome center.

So what is this place?  Iguacu?  Pronounced “Ig-wa-su”.   Well, the Iguacu National falls 4Park is over 600,000 hectares of dense rain forest with over 6 feet of rain per year.  This protected park covers both Brazil and Argentina sides of the border.

The highlight and really the point of this adventure in the middle of the South American continent is the widest water falls in the world.  Makes Niagara Falls look like a little stream.   I just can’t paint a picture for any reader (including my memory) on how big these falls are.  Massive, just massive and scenic.  I could not use a wide enough lens to share the breadth of the size and scale.

I believe that the Iguacu Falls are made up of some 200 big and small falls over a very large area.  Just mind-blowing.   Take my word for it.  Mind blowing!  Well worth the 2 hours of bumpy flying.

Tonight, were sleeping on the Argentina side of the park where we will spend our day tomorrow hiking.

Monkey timeFor you monkey lovers, here is a treat.  These fun bundle of joys hang around the hotel here on the park property and if you leave your screen door open to the outside, the monkeys are so smart that they come into the room and steal the food from the concessions sold in the room.  Not only that, they know the chocolates and candy are put inside a specific drawer… They go into that drawer, open it up, get the stash and then dart out.  Smart pricks.  Then apparently if you confront them, they get mean.  Anyway, from about 3 feet, they are totally cute and energetic.  Look like little babies with tons of hair.  I know some men who look like that.

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