Fly at 125 MPH!

DSC00749This character is the real deal.  Serious.  Paula and I went for a 6.5 hour trek around one of the most beautiful scenes on earth — the Swiss Alps.  Anyway…  our travels took us through this breathtaking area where these BASE jumpers call home in the cliffs which are no less than a 2,000 – 3,000 foot vertical wall.  Like vertical.  No angles.  Never seen anything like that before.  Below was a huge field for a soft landing.

My brother here in the picture on the left, along with about 10 other guys leap off the top of the mountain cliff wall and start flying at about 125 mph forward — and about a 40 mph drop.  You watch these guys fly like a bird right overhead with DSC00748the wings wide open — and then pop the chute.  Fucking unbelievable.  Fucking crazy.

I had to go up to this guy and ask him about his lunatic hobby.  After talking with him for a bit, I told him that I was a reporter for a Florida newspaper.  The idiot ran like Superman and got his Red Bull helmet and put it on — asked me to take his picture with it on.  Nice guy regardless on how many marbles are rattling in his head.

Day was incredible.  Better than incredible, how about being awestruck.  This post is all about hiking and trekking.  If you’re only interested in exploring cities, sun worshiping at the beach or think that the Med is the most beautiful of all, then get out of here.  Those are fun things to do for sure…  But I don’t want you reading this post.  Come back another day.  You’ll be bored.  Bye.

DSC00745We made our way from a train station where we parked our car — in the Swiss Alps near Interlaken.  Paula and I love to walk trails and it’s really the reason we chose to come to Switzerland for a week —  Explore and hiking.  Every one of those 6 hours had another scene more beautiful than the last.  A huge and powerful river carrying water directly from the highest glaciers in Europe shadowed our walk entirely.  thumb_DSC00712_1024On the first 3 hours of walking, we were viewing massive peaks almost 14,000 foot —  covered in snow in the background just a couple hours away.  We passed lots of real cool and epic Alps towns with limited traffic of people other than mostly college hikers.  I can’t say enough about this experience.  If your into the outdoors and want to put in some work, get off your ass and burn your legs at times — its worth it.  This was a pretty easy hike with only a few area’s where we went vertical towards some incredible waterfalls as you can see on the right hand picture.  Thats about a 2,000 foot waterfall drop although you can’t tell the true perspective from the picture.  We were able to climb to about the mid point weaving, dodging and through the waterfalls.  Tons of wet stairs and tunnels.  Interesting enough — the water is freezing cold in the warm day.  Only a few minutes earlier, it was snow.DSC00719

Quick note about the signs on right.  We went to another set of waterfalls called Trummelback Falle.  It’s a mountain with 10 streams of glacier waterfalls which weave through lots of mountain where you climb to all 10 openings.  Net of it is that the power is indescribable — 20,000 liters of water per second!  Its loud and you feel it.

I love this picture on the left.  I look like a retard — not exactly sure what I was doing?  Click on picture if you want a laugh at my expense.  Anyway, great day.

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