Down South

Ushuaia is the Southernmost City in the World.  Love that.  Lots of working around to get here.

Ushuaia Airport 2 - BetterAnyway, we flew into Ushuaia just to overnight for tomorrows adventure to the Antarctica.  Ushuaia airport on left.

Not much else to say.  It’s a town of about 70,000.  Mostly tourism.  Tacky in a Niagara Falls sort-of way.  South Americans come here I guess.  Crazy enough, they do have some industry because it’s a tax-free zone.  Tiny, but stupid to do.Over Ushuaia 4 Best

Picture on right is from the sky just about 10 minutes out.

Don’t see the boat in the harbor yet, but did see a couple of small cruise ships that pony around the area for a few days.

Landing into Ushuaia

Landing at about 5,000 ft I guess on left.  Anyway, you get the picture — lots of mountains and what is missing is the harbor.  Kind of naturally beautiful, but in an Argentine way.   Dirty stuff around.

Ok, looking forward to tomorrow.  Boarding the ship and heading out.


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