Day off in Quito

What did I do on my day off?  Go to a bull fighting match?  Go to watch a cock fight?  Walk the broken down town?  Go hunting statues?  People watch and take pictures? — well I did bit of that.  No, it was a very mellow day — but rest assured, I had some fun.

Last night, Bernt went across the alley way — upstairs — to a barber.  We all went along to watch and then go for dinner.  The barber was super well groomed and his pants fit perfect, his shop was very clean but dated with Miami Vice posters as examples of haircuts.  I laughed so hard.  The barber really spent a good 45 minutes cutting, revisiting, trimming and just inching his way through Bernts hair like it was the most important customer he ever had.  And in the end, it cost a whopping $3.  I just loved the show.

So today, I along will Will walked over to the same barber and I wanted a haircut.  It looked fun and a good time.  The shop was a bit busier today and had 3 chairs full.  Of course my barber is also the finance guy.  None of the other barbers touch money — only my guy.

Its important to note that I did not need a haircut — this is just a stupid lark to kill time and relax with Will and laugh a bit.  But dont tell that to my professional barber.  To him, I am now his most important client.

Well, I had to take a diary of pictures so here they are.  So much fun.  For what normally takes Paula a stretched 5 minutes to cut my har with an electric razor — took my amigo a good 30 minutes and thats just to cut a 1/8 of an inch.  He trimmed, re-trimmed, took the straight blade, changed blades, and again changed blades.  He brushed my face as if he was finished and then he brought you some liquid for around my ears and maybe trimmed some of my ear hairs — who knows?

I was so relaxed that I could have slept.  I just love my man.

Anyway, short post today.  I’ll skip the laundry and organizing nonsense and stick with the good stuff.

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