Coast to Coast

A1A ocean last look-1Today was the day which would conclude my coast-to-coast journey that started on the eastern Atlantic and then ended up on the western Pacific.  Said another way, I left Boca Raton, Florida and arrived San Diego, California today — 11 days later.  Now that’s not the end of my trip of course, I still need to terminate my drive in Los Angeles County in a few days.  I’m stoked.  Where did my adventure go?  Nooooooo, I don’t want to end.

Picture on left is near my boy Donald Trump’s Mar-a Lago in Palm Beach about 20 minutes from my home in Boca along A1A, the coast with the nicest water.  I had to say that.

Today I decided to make it bike view day.  All different visuals of my bike in the LA-Phoenix Sign with bike-1theater of the surroundings.   I love my bike so I thought it would be totally cool however I can understand if others give a big yawn.  Don’t care, today is bike picture day.

The five and one half hour drive from Phoenix to San Diego was kind of interesting in that I never knew the desert could have so many faces; clay and cactus, hard sand, sand dunes, flat, hills, mountains, boulders, pebbles and everything in the middle.  Seriously, although I had been in the center of quite a bit of desert scenery in the past week, nothing matched this short trip for diversity.

West Los Angeles I-10 sign better-1Although I consider myself lucky that I had only hit a tiny bit of rain once during my past week and a half, I have had some issues with wind.  Today was certainly the craziest wind gusts — strong and dramatic.  To be honest, I was scared shitless on occasion.  The wind was relentless during long stretches and took all I had to keep the bike on the road.   I believe that I am a pretty safe rider, I would even say very safe, but I do like to drive on the faster side of the speed limit.  Generally at 10 miles over.  That may be fine during normal days, but today, it was near suicidal when the wind picked up.

Check out the picture on the right.  As mentioned earlier, at some point the scenery changed to this massive area of sand dunes. bike with sand dunes in CA-1 Like it really was everywhere for about 20 miles.  I really felt like I was in Saudi Arabia.  Who knew that this existed in California?  Unfortunately the picture really does not do justice to the landscape.  Its ridiculous to be surrounded on both sides of the road with huge mounds of sand — like everywhere.  Problem is that it was blowing onto the highway.  Anyway, I was just enjoying the change so I didn’t care about getting some sand fly by me.  It was mostly fine if not darn right interesting.

bike in CA on road with windmills best-1So question of the day:  What do you see along highway I-8 West where it is probably the norm to be incredibly windy?  Ok, you got it — too easy, wind mill farms.  Like many places in Canada and the U.S. and all over the world these days the farms litter highways.  I personally think this area of California deserves to have them. In fact, while I was riding, I was thinking to myself that I would like to put down some good money to generate the recurring income I live for — since wind propulsion in this corridor is a dunk.

Lets not think that wind farms are the only alternative energy in this stretch from Phoenix to San Diego.  Nope, the other popular farm is solar.  What seems like thousands of mirrors in each farm lined up for long stretches.  Makes sense, because were in the desert — clearly — seems logical that the sun shines often and rains little.  Solar farms look even easier to maintain when I invest (in my dreams).

Arriving in San Diego at 4pm, I was pretty beaten up and tired from my journey.  I will add that when I got within the last half hour, the traffic picked up a bit, roads got wider and the terrain moved from desert to a very lush, green and hilly city.  First time really seeing nice green grass since Florida.

Last, I am a water person.  Means that I am happiest when I am looking at the ocean.  That does not mean that I can’t appreciate Texas, New Mexico or Arizona rocks and boulders, desert, mountains, etc.  I do like that too.  But nothing compares with ocean gazing for hours on end.  My hotel is facing San Diego’s Pacific basin and Coronado Island.  Love that.

Time for some down-time for a few days.  Real proud of my journey so far.


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