Europe (2015)


First things first, I have zero DNA for Culture.  Like Zero-point-Zero.  I just don’t give a shit. I happened to get a call from the Professor, Dr Jeffrey Habert who told me that his absolute worst place to visit is Vienna.  I asked him why this is the case Doctor?  What do you think of when …

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Nie Vergessen

Nie Vergessen or, “Never Forget”.  I think this headline for this post says it all. So it would be unconscionable not to share the feeling I had when visiting the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin.  Now I am not one to have a religious overtone.  I am non-secular by in large.  But …

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So if you were to ask me what is the most significant event in the past century for Berlin, or Germany for that matter, I would have to take a good month to noodle on that one.  Wow, so many events have occurred that are so outrageous and over the top. Think of your home …

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