Wendy’s Chile – Subway Turkey – Jerky – 40 Days – 7,000 miles

It’s not easy to write this blog and get motivated when I’ve done similar motorcycle rides over the years.  Sure, this time, it’s different, the entire route will take me through 19 different States and is a wee bit longer which is exciting, but sharing my interests, micro and major thoughts along the ride takes a bit of energy.  In the end, its for me to remember how I felt and traveled when looking back — that’s the real beauty of this blog for me.  I sometimes review trips I took years back and it jogs good and great memories.  I started this new ride yesterday but needed one day to digest — today is the end of day 2.

So let me share this specific motorcycle trip, its expected route and the rest.  I started yesterday from home base, Boca Raton, Florida.  The big picture is that I am riding through mostly small highways through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and then finally to Los Angeles to take in the 2019 Luftgekuhlt Porsche Show on May 11th.  From Los Angeles, I will leave heading north east towards Las Vegas — Ahhhh, Vegas.  Then to the awesome and scenic state of Utah and Wyoming on the way to Bozeman, Montana where I will meet my bud, Igal who is flying in from Toronto to go on the Ramshorn Porsche Rally for a week long ride throughout Montana and Idaho.  After that, Paula will meet me in Bozeman to go for a week-long hike at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming which is a highlight — never been to an American National Park for an extended stay —  and I’m so stoked to start that passage and privilege.  I’ll leave my bike in Bozeman for the two weeks of the rally and hike.  After the hike, I will pick up my bike again and then ride towards Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, swing down south past Tennessee and visit Paige where she will be working on a corporate audit business trip.  The plan is to have a dinner and then I’m on my way home to Boca Raton.

Sounds like nothing, right?  Well, this ride is expected to be about 40 days and over 7,000 miles.  Let’s throw in a bunch of side trips along the route which will make it all worthwhile and fun.  Riding miles and hours are not so much fun to be honest — it’s all about the stops, tours, festivals and people.

Yesterday, day 1 was all about getting into a groove while getting distracted by insane auto drivers next to me.  I actually saw some woman brushing her teeth while driving — no shit, true.  I drove parallel to her for about 30 seconds watching her brush.   More of that type of fun stuff to come for sure.  I remember my last trip, I followed a car with a massively fat lady eating a full burger meal, complete with fries while driving and weaving lanes — Funny how that sticks with me.  It means that I need to pay attention to everyone on the road — and I try to look at all drivers eyes.

Anyway, I had to get the music right from my iPhone to my motorcycle LCD screen and then to my helmet with integrated speakers — that’s took a few hours of fiddling.  I guess that I’m also rusty on the bike, its been almost a full year since I have been on the seat of my bike.  Not to worry, it all felt great and comfortable — but it was not all heaven.  My ass killed on the seat for some reason and I struggled to find a comfy position.  I was distracted and bombarded by a ton of thoughts about the coming month or more — overload.  Ultimately, my goal was to put in my 6.5 hours and almost 400 miles to get to Valdosta, Georgia, my first stop.  Lunch was the obligatory Subway 6 inch, turkey with spicy mustard and a few veggies in the middle, toasted along with a soda and bag of baked chips.   Finally, I got to Valdosta at around 4pm which felt great to get this first day under my belt.  I then unpacked, checked into the Fairfield hotel, paid my $89 which includes a free breakfast and wifi and felt like life is good.  Out the window of my room I saw a Walmart sign so I hauled my lazy ass and got back on the bike to go to Walmart and get a large bottle of Diet Coke along with a bag of Beef Jerky, dinner for the night — see image with product on my pannier — a fine dinner.   Ready for day 2.

After finishing the breakfast of champions at the Fairfield, then loading up the bike again, I was ready to go on my way.  I have to add my two cents about loading and unloading, but thats for another day — Its a whole thing,  Today I was off to Birmingham, Alabama for a 5.5 hour ride so I left a bit late, 9:30am.  I was a bit freaked out after reading the Wiki on Birmingham.  In fact, 31% of the city is in poverty.  It ranks 3rd in the entire US for most violent crimes…  Nasty stuff.  I chose a hotel, the Residence Inn just because it got good ratings and after calling the hotel the night prior to see if its in a safe neighborhood.  She told me that its safe but not to go too far.  Ok, locked and loaded.

Lunch was going to be either Subway, Wendy’s Chile or beef jerky — not much deviation there.  I chose Subway for the second day in a row and it did not disappoint.  I stopped randomly in a neighborhood just 30 miles west of Atlanta and I was “woke” by the reality of that neighborhood — lets just say I was the only person who looked like me — and that was out of maybe 20 patrons.  Lots of drama and animation for sure which was super fun to behold.  I just ate in a corner, kept quiet and watched the show.  Moving on, I decided to stop early along the highway to avoid hunting in Birmingham and got a bottle of Diet Coke and a Publix sandwich for my dinner since I really did not think that I would leave my room in downtown Birmingham — let’s just say… Safety first.

Ok, tomorrow is a big day for me… Super stoked about the possibilities.


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