Best Gift Ever!

DSC00547Ok men, this post is only for you.  Can we talk one-on-one, man-to-man, bro-to-bro?  Lets say your married, in a long term relationship or have a secret love which you need to show true intent.  How best to share your love with that significant DSC00552other?  That is the age old question.

Now if you’re bleeding money you can buy your lady friend a new pair of diamond earrings — made by a blind sherpa which would make it even more special.  You could buy a Louis Vuitton bag made of some rare gecko skin.  Maybe a fancy-dancy new pair of crazy shoes with a stupid negative heal or something.  Don’t waste your doe.  Trust me.  I have the solution …

Boys, look no further.  I have your golden key which is the ultimate female gift which will make her indebted for life —  Ok, here goes…  Are you ready?   My expert advice — this is Bro Code Stuff so don’t let anyone know it …  It’s our secret!

Go and travel from your home town to the Swiss Knife Valley Visitor Center, Brunnen, Switzerland —  and blow her away with a reservation for knife assembly of the Spartan model.  Then go back home.  Thats right folks, blow her away!  You heard me right.  I just shared with you true love.

DSC00455Back a couple of months prior to my travel plans, I found that Switzerland is of course famous for the Swiss Army Knife.  It was a no-choice thing to do — go visit the factory in Brunnen.   I was compelled.  So I booked two sessions to build our own custom knives at the factory store on Tuesday, July 7 at 11am.  How did Paula feel about this?  Well, probably the same as when I came home with the new motorcycle — absolute indifference.  She is after all, a team player.

If your at all still reading this and not sleeping, I’ll explain the process to build your custom knife.   You’ll note on this picture to the right, my brain is burnin smoke. Focus Phil, focus.  Cora has the patience of Saddam Hussain’s Minister of DSC00526Culture.  I was nervous to make a mistake or she was going to rip me.  I apparently did not listen to her — and I pressed the peddle when I should have not — I think — Cora was not happy.  You can see that from the picture on the front section when I tuned out Cora for a second, she was just a little pissed.  Building the Spartan knife by hand is pretty neat.  I included the map below on how its made and you’ll get the idea that this simple knife took some serious brain power to figure out and design it in the late 1800’s such that all the parts click, close tight and are strong without using glue or screws.  Very cool engineering.

You may ask me where my wife’s knife is in this post since it is dedicated to her and all the great women in the world…  Come on…  This post is really about me.  Paula’s knife was great — trust me.

DSC00531Of course Switzerland might have more to offer — like awesome mountains, trekking and hiking — which I plan on doing plenty of over the next few days.  They also have 3 of my favorite things; Chocolate, Watches and tons and tons of Private Banks which probably hides enough money to pay off the complete Greek debt. I plan to shop for at least one of those things over the next few days.  I’ll keep you posted.

To prove that my system works — this picture was taken after we made the knives and visited the Swiss Army Victorinox Visitor Center —  Note how happy Paula is.  See!

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