Berlin Street Art

DSC00126I know, I know, I can hear it now — did you go to the Berlin wall?  Checkpoint Charlie?  Tons of facinating museums?  Maybe the Philharmonic?  Some Jewish historical site? Possibly visit Angela for dinner?DSC00163

Yah, yah, yah…  Sure.   I’ve got days to do that stuff.   Sorry folks, no pictures of me in front of some lame building, a beautiful panoramic scene or an awesome historical site.    Nope.

Top of my list is somewhat different.  Think off the beat and path.  Think simple and something that takes very little brain power to understand.   We spent our day searching for Berlin Street Art.  Prior to visiting, I had heard that Berlin is famous for its street wall graffiti.  I suppose that they learned this type of urban art through the practice of drawing on the 99 miles (27 miles divided east from west) of wall.

DSC00175So without more bull crap talk, here goes some of the images I took today (feel free to click on the images to enlarge — they are real art):

Those are just a sample of the hundreds of walls we saw today.  If you know where to go, the city is littered with this art.  Just amazing stuff.  Although the vast majority of Berlin is a modern, very clean and large growing city under tons of construction.  More important, someone clearly has a deep interest in Arnold from Different Strokes — I can respect that.DSC00130

DSC00172By the way, I think the history of Berlin is almost like no other.  The absolute ups and downs of this culture are mind boggling.  From the biggest highs — to the absolute worst lows.  One thing for sure, I couldn’t help but think that they are a DSC00173resilient group of people.  In fact, you have to respect them for always bouncing back to the top.  Just amazing. They don’t bitch that the world has treated them wrong — they don’t bitch that their history was bad so that means that they should blame it on the rest of Europe, or the world for that matter.  They are not lazy socialist people who live off their long history or are corrupt in the government and expect that something is owed to them today – or tomorrow from the oppressors.  Nope, they just are hard workers and build great products over a very long period of time.  Anyway, enough of that lecture.  I am really impressed with them and the city and the country.

The wall is amazing if your interested…

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