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Big texan sign 2-1I love the home page picture of the menu for this night’s dinner spot — Mountain Oysters.  Yum, Cows nuts.  If you don’t know what it is…  Order the Shrimp!  Hahaha.   That set the scene for my dinner event.

I guess that 339 miles sounds like not too big a trip.  When I drive my car, I can go 1,000 miles in a day, no problem.  On a motorcycle when its 40-50 degrees outside, well, that’s another story.  Three hundred and thirty nine miles is long.  Moving along my journey, I left first thing in the morning from Ft Worth, Texas to my next destination — Amarillo, Texas.

So what is so important about Amarillo?  Basically, its the half way mark for most Cadillac Ranch - Rear 1-1journeys Im told by the Drury Motel receptionist.  Interesting, yawn.  The other big deal is that its the home of the BIG Texan Steak Ranch.  Let’s just say that “The Big Texan — 72oz Steak FREE signs are everywhere along the entire drive on Hwy 40.  I Big texan bilding-1had also seen a video on Youtube where 2 young folks traveled from Florida to Colorado on their BMW 1200 and they dropped in at Big Texan so I had some background.   Another great tourist mega stop for Amarillo will be tomorrow — hold tight.

I have a thought my entire journey while in Texas that I need to get off my chest.  My guess, and this is without any actual data or research — I think that Texas must be the biggest consumer of Trucks.  Dodge and Ford rule.  Every conceivable variant of flatbed truck passed my way.  You cant image the percent of dominance that trucks have compared with cars in Texas.  And the amazing thing is that they are used hard, soft and anywhere in the middle — it’s just the vehicle of choice.  Cool.

So I weathered the journey and it was fine.  Mostly took Highway 40 the entire way which is a very populous highway.  It was cold and windy and that moved the bike quite a bit — especially when I passed a truck.  I had to fight it the entire way.  So anyway, the usual visuals were there and I stopped as needed.  Finally got to Amarillo by 3pm.  Where did I stay overnight?  You guessed it…  the Drury Hotel.  A fan favorite — this one was especially dirty and slimy.  Very scary creatures stay at this location.  It seems almost too dirty to eat breakfast there.  Oh well, its a place to sleep.

Big texan limo-1After chilling a bit and catching up on some stuff, it was 5:30 so I wanted to get to Big Texan Inside-1The Big Texan before it got too busy.  I ordered the limo from the steak house.  Too funny, they have a dispatch which picks up tourists all over town with their 7 Cadillacs to take them there — no charge.  The limo’s are like from the 70’s and beaten up, all part of the charm.  Each have a long horn bolted to the front hood.  Anyway, fun trip with some folks in the back from Minneapolis. I would call them hicks, but that would be rude — they were serious hicks with mid 80 IQ’s. — Dull.

Got there and about 100,000 people were already there.  Well, maybe not 100,000 but more people than you can imagine in the middle of nowhere USA — dumpy Amarillo.  Like where do these people come from? Just amazing business.  The buildingBig Texan struggles-1 is huge and includes an Inn with cowboy theme rooms, kids game area, giant gift store and seating for my guess of about 500 easy.

Because I was a single, I got my seat and right away.   There was a young fella from Australian group willing to go up to the special high top seating area with lots of spot lights and a bunch of clocks to eat the 72 oz steak along with baked potato and salad within 60 minutes.  First an announcement is shouted throughout the huge building.  Then the Aussie had to sign some papers.   Trust me, they make a big deal of it — just incredible marketing.  If he can do it — dinner is free.  If not, he owes $72 for the meal instead of the normally $250 steak meal.

Big Texan - Big bite-1I had the best time and had a great seat upstairs to watch this dupe gag, nod his head, burp and just after the first 30 minutes look real sad, but he was a trooper.  I loved it.  My pictures are not great because of the distance and lighting upstairs, but trust me, if you are a loser and end up in Amarillo, you have to visit the Big Texan.

My favorite of all was the picture of the kid in orange on the right belows staring at the guy eating the Kid watching big texan-1steak.  Click to enlarge.  The kid just stayed and stared for almost the entire time — it was so uncomfortable.  I was laughing inside thinking that this poor dick was trying to eat the gigantic steak meal and not make a fool of himself  and this kid keeps staring right upfront in his face.  Where the fuck is the kids parents?  Get him out of there.  So funny.

Got my limo back to the Drury with all my people and went back to my room.

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