3,850 Miles

Finally made it to Los Angeles.  Ride is now officially over!!!

Took a total of 16 days from Boca Raton, Florida, with hotel stops in:

Orlando, Florida

Pensacola, Florida

LaFayette, Louisiana

Houston, Texas

Austin, Texas

Fort Worth, Texas

Amarillo, Texas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Phoenix, Arizona

San Diego, California

Laguna Beach, California

Redondo Beach, California

Los Angeles, California.

Note:  Of course due to freezing weather conditions I missed out on visiting The South Entrance of Grand Canyon, Tusayan, Arizona.  As well, the largest Man Made Pistachio at McGinn’s Pistachio Tree Ranch in Alamogordo, New Mexico… Next time.

Best of all… Safe and able to think about my next ride.

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